5 Top SEO Experts in Australia

1 SEO Expert in Australia

1. Blake

Are you tired of working with an SEO agency that rambles on about “traffic” as if it’s going to pay the bills? What’s the point of digital marketing / SEO? Is it rankings? Traffic? NO! We know that you want more sales, and you want them now. Imagine the look on your competitor’s faces as you zoom straight past them! We strategically target your ideal customers, which means more high-quality traffic, leads, and sales for you. Stand Out From Your CompetitorsSave Money on Expensive PPC Marketing Get Short-Term Gains, Long-Term SuccessBe Exactly Where Your Customers Are SearchingWould you rather spending $500 and receive $100 back, or spend $1,000 and receive $10,000 back? Good SEO (such as how I do it) can drive an huge return on investment, often 10x your money when calculated over 12-months.The best kind, duh! TO be more specific, I’ll carry out whatever your website needs, including on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and technical SEO. Need more content? No worries! Keyword research strategies will help you find your best customers.

2 SEO Expert in Australia Samantha Ann R

2. Samantha Ann R

With over 6 years of expertise in content creation, I’ve become a gifted writer with a specialty in SEO and copywriting for various niches. Through finely tuned research skills, I’m able to craft in-depth articles that really connect blogs and businesses with their target audience. – Local SEO – Keyword Research – SEO Optimized Content Creation – WordPress Hourly Rate is shown but open to negotiation depending on your competition levels. A client of mine had this exact same headache until working with me and is now dominating her primary keyword in London on GMB while ranking for more service keywords in Organic. We’re talking #1 in GMB for a keyword with over 1000 searches per month. Don’t get me wrong; this never happened overnight. Your website will need to undergo changes and be optimized more than ever!I have been a writer of both fiction and non-fiction for my whole literate life. I have written stories, how to books, and research works in higher education. In addition to this experience I write regularly for websites in the travel sector. When not writing SEO optimized factual and opinion pieces, 

3 SEO expert in Australia Katt A

3. Katt A

Are you looking for a content creator who can captivate your audience in a variety of topics? Someone who learns fast, communicates well and produces quality content? Content Creation I have experience in writing blogs, website content, articles, e-books and info-graphics on the topics of environment, veganism, sustainability, travel, health, and science. All my work is thoroughly researched, cited and information packed with a fun conversational tone to keep readers interested. Four years of running a website has given me the skills and knowledge in producing SEO, keyword and audience targeted content. Along with writing for clients, I continually update my expertise by taking courses in Social Media, Marketing and Changing Algorithms. This gives me an edge to create the best possible content and draw attention my clients website and product. Translation I also specialize in creative translation. I am fluent in French, English, Czech and Russian and have interpreted and translated fiction, app content and lifestyle pieces. Editing If you need someone to edit your book or scientific paper, I will have those returned with exquisite grammar, content notes and over all feedback. I have edited several books, both in the fiction and non-fiction genres.

4 SEO Expert in Australia Kieran D

4. Kieran D

Craft concise, engaging, and persuasive copy that impacts your target audience and inspires some form of action using proven methods. Proven methods work for the big brands and they will work for your brand too! 3 Reasons to Hire Me Today: 1. Highly skilled / seasoned / experienced copywriter 2. Your best rate 3. Unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied guaranteed. Results Only Focus: Never sweat the small stuff and only focus on the big picture (what matters) to achieve maximum results. Specialties: Website copy, SEO copy and Information architecture which creates better user websites that convert (through enhanced user experience). Experience: Over 15 years’ copywriting/SEO experience helping countless Australian (and International) businesses grow exponentially with proven copy focused on results, growth and return on investment. Key Attribute: I’m a straight shooter so I will always tell you how it is (even if it causes a minor disagreement) because I’m as desperate for the results as you are. Big Believer in Best Practices: Be creative but it’s key to stick to best practices because success comes from following a ‘proven approach’ rather than reinventing the wheel.

5 SEO Expert in Australia Mahagul Q

5. Mahagul Q

You can always find a copywriter that creates content that is good enough. But good enough is not always what is needed to see results. That’s why I focus more on the stakeholders of each marketing effort — you and your customer. This allows me to develop copies that actually add value and bring results. I firmly believe that your content should not just be great. It should be: ◇ CLICKED ◇ READ ◇ and CONVERT. If that’s not the case, you are losing money, and your potential customers do not see the care and mind-blowing offer you have for them. As a tech copywriting specialist with 6 years of practical experience, this is how I help you: 1) CREATE TITLES THAT GET CLICKED At the end of the day, first impression matters. People will only feel the need to click to read more if the title is promising enough, be it an email, product description, or blog. I focus on creating personalized headlines that stick out, stir up the reader’s curiosity/interest, and compel them to click to find out more. I make this happen by: a) Looking at things from their perspective and brainstorming what titles will stand out the most. b) Picking the best headlines out of these options for you. 2) I respond quickly and take my client seriously, as you will see from the positive reviews