5 Top SEO Experts in Canada

1 SEO Expert in Canada Henry R

1. Henry R

I helped a business owner, John, go from $0.00 to his first 5-Figure month within three months. “We met Henry at a critical time. We were the classic story: A brand new business with everything in place but the clients. Thanks to a friend telling us about Henry’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work, we got to focus on what we do best while leaving the hard work of generating our clients to him.” Just like you, John did not care about anything other than getting real tangible results for his company. His dream was to work on the mission that got him to start his business in the first place. Not backlinks, citations, or keeping up to date with the constantly updating 200 and something on-page / off-page variables that Google uses to rank websites on its search engine results pages. Imagine your website as a virtual business card hidden deep in Google’s enormous pockets. Optimizing your website the right way helps Google know whom to offer your website every time they search the web for the products and services you offer. 

2. Emily B

With over 6 years of expertise in content creation, I’ve become a gifted writer with a specialty in SEO and copywriting for various niches. Through finely tuned research skills, I’m able to craft in-depth articles that really connect blogs and businesses with their target audience. – Local SEO – Keyword Research – SEO Optimized Content Creation – WordPress Hourly Rate is shown but open to negotiation depending on your competition levels. A client of mine had this exact same headache until working with me and is now dominating her primary keyword in London on GMB while ranking for more service keywords in Organic. We’re talking #1 in GMB for a keyword with over 1000 searches per month. Don’t get me wrong; this never happened overnight. Your website will need to undergo changes and be optimized more than ever!

3 seo Expert in Canada Emanuel S

3. Emmanuel S

Hello, I’m Emmanuel – an expert SEO content writer/creator, copywriter, and editor with over 3 years of professional experience. My expertise in content writing and creation, with an astute level of creativity, has helped me grow many businesses over my years of active experience. During this period, I have written several Search engine optimized (SEO) blog posts, product descriptions, landing pages, web content (About Us, Bio page, Home page FAQ page), and pillar pages in diverse niches including technology, health, fitness, construction, real estate, auto, fashion e.t.c. I have also grown and optimized Youtube channels using my SEO expertise. With skills in crafting engaging, original, and grammatically-accurate content, attention to details, and loyalty to the client’s requirement, I am ready to help your business/project hit a home run. Hit me up and let us start discussing your next project.- Quality content (SEO articles, web content, product descriptions, pillar pages, Youtube optimization)

4 SEO Expert in Canada Kandice V

4. Kandice V

Hey, I’m Kandice! I’m a freelance content writer and SEO specialist providing clients with the gamut of written content including blogs, articles, web/landing pages, and social media. Also offering content strategy development, proof-reading, editing, and SEO optimization services. I have a passion for storytelling and building relationships through strategically crafted content that resonates with your audience. The experience I’ve gained over my professional career in marketing, along with over 4 years as a freelance content writer, makes me a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to content! If you’re ready to take your content to the next level – get in touch! My niche? I am a digital nomad, who has been consuming a plant-based diet for over 20 years. I love to work with aligned clients who share the same passion for sustainability, therefore the majority of the content I create is for eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan brands. I also have a huge passion for culture and travel, having been to almost 30 countries, so I have a lot of experience writing travel content as well. BLOG AND ARTICLE WRITING: Blogs and articles customized to fit your specific needs and brand message. 

5 SEO Expert in Canada Emmanuel J

5. Emmanuel J

You can always find a copywriter that creates content that is good enough. But good enough is not always what is needed to see results. That’s why I focus more on the stakeholders of each marketing effort — you and your customer. This allows me to develop copies that actually add value and bring results. I firmly believe that your content should not just be great. It should be: ◇ CLICKED ◇ READ ◇ and CONVERT. If that’s not the case, you are losing money, and your potential customers do not see the care and mind-blowing offer you have for them. As a tech copywriting specialist with 6 years of practical experience, this is how I help you: 1) CREATE TITLES THAT GET CLICKED At the end of the day, first impression matters. People will only feel the need to click to read more if the title is promising enough, be it an email, product description, or blog. I focus on creating personalized headlines that stick out, stir up the reader’s curiosity/interest, and compel them to click to find out more. I make this happen by: a) Looking at things from their perspective and brainstorming what titles will stand out the most. b) Picking the best headlines out of these options for you. 2) I respond quickly and take my client seriously, as you will see from the positive reviews