5 Top SEO Experts New Jamaica

1 SEO Expert in Jamaica Janoi B

1. Janoi B

Amazon is a platform that is growing continuously. I’ve spent a lot of time developing my skills as an Amazon specialist, offering great services to many clients. Having an Amazon manager is becoming more and more important since many clients are willing to offload tasks that eat up a lot of their time so that they can solely focus on growing their businesses. Well, that is where I come in! As an Amazon specialist, I offer services such as: 1. Customer Service – Responding to buyer messages, emails and reviews on a daily basis. – Creating message templates – Commenting on positive reviews and handling negative reviews 2. Order Management: – Matching orders to reviews – Manually shipping out FBA units from seller central – Creating removal orders – Tracking/locating orders – Managing order refunds 3. Product Research/Development: – Product Research via Jungle Scout and Amz Scout – Supplier Outreach and Management – Securing Samples 4. Sponsored Ads Launch/SEO : – Keyword Research – Setting up campaigns – Analyzing campaigns 5. Inventory Management: – Creating shipments – Handling Amazon Barcodes for units – Handling Shipping Labels – Tracking Shipments – Inventory Forecasting

2. Khadejah L

Khadéjah is a Jamaican writer with a knack for bringing the written world to life and stimulating the imagination. She specializes in creating easily digestible content that everyone can enjoy. including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, MailChimp, and Google Data Studio. I also optimize and manage landing pages on WordPress and Shopify to build your organization’s best digital strategies.  SEO & Google Ads: I manage a comprehensive SEO & SEM strategy to help you capture high-intent searchers looking for a business like yours, including Search, Shopping, and Display advertising.  Social Media Marketing: I manage Facebook ads campaigns to increase brand awareness, improve conversions, and improve the return on ads investment. How do I work? Firstly, we’ll have a meeting to discuss your marketing needs. After that, I will analyze your website and digital marketing accounts to find what has to be implemented to grow and boost your business. Then, I will send you a strategic plan that will allow us to run your project. Do you want to know more about me, my experience, and my educational background? Let’s talk!

3. Nordeen B

Hello, I’m Nordeen. You’ve come to the right place for your Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Blog writing, Voice acting, and subtitling needs. Whether you need a rhetorical piece, research paper, creative writing, SEO optimized articles, etc., I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by selecting me for your project. As someone who, for years, has done numerous writing pieces in the form of blogging, book writing, and reviews, etc., I have a wealth of experience with various niches in and various styles of writing. Do you need English subtitles attached to your video? Do you have a text file you want to convert into a SubRip or other subtitle file format? My proficiency in Aegisub as a subtitling tool combined with my active listening, mastery of the English Language, and above-average typing speed will provide you with the result you need. If you’re interested, send me a message, and let’s discuss what I can bring to your project. but I thrive in newness! I have lived and worked in France, Japan, Italy, China, and now New Zealand. I love learning new languages, I am bilingual (Swedish/English), and I speak basic Italian. French I’ve unfortunately lost, but I still understand it pretty well!

4. Kyesha R

I endorse Kyesha for brand consulting, brand identity, communications consultant, copy editing, proofreading, content writing, copywriting, blog writing, creative consultant, public speaking, voice acting and voice talent. She’s exceptionally gifted. A true artist. ” – Desmond Dennis. I am a trained Journalist and media and communications practitioner. Here’s what I specialise in: – Writing, Editing and Proofreading – Public Speaking – Voice Acting – Public Relations – Branding Strategy and Social Media Management I focus on brand positioning in the Public Relations Industry in my work. Here’s how I can help you: – Writing media communication such as press releases, advisories, speeches, newsletters, social media content and ad scripts – Proofreading and editing copy, self-published books, website content, emails and more – Recording Unique Voice Over Ads, narrations, commercials, E-books and much more. – Consulting on brand success and growth through media plans and strategies. If you desire to maintain a positive “stay on brand” tone in your communication to the public, send me a note with a bit about you / your company and your project. Then, let’s talk about your objectives and plan your brand success!

5 SEO Expert in Jamaica Keyva T

5. Keyva T

Hi, I’m Keyva! Nice to meet you! I’ve worked at Yale University and the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago to further my dreams of becoming a lawyer. I have also worked with over 50 international clients to set up their US-based companies to minimize taxes and grow their customer base through legal entity structuring. As a marketer, I have worked with Pepsi subsidiaries and marketing agencies to help their marketing efforts through social media content and ads and articles. I also have 7 years of experience as a writer and Virtual Assistant. If you need a multi-talented freelancer who is a paralegal, social media manager or virtual assistant that meets and exceeds expectations and provides excellent service, let’s talk! Invite me to your job so we can start growing your business together. Looking at things from their perspective and brainstorming what titles will stand out the most. b) Picking the best headlines out of these options for you. 2) I respond quickly and take my client seriously, as you will see from the positive reviews