5 Top SEO Experts New Philippines

1 seo Expert in philippines Ja

1.  Jane M

I help Autism and Special Needs Life Coach improve their websites organic ranking and traffic by at least 30% in at least 6 months timeline. I know that you are in a mission of helping others and changing the lives of those around 55 million individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. I know you have wanted to help parents get away from losing themselves when they are getting into the process of their child getting diagnosed with special needs. As a coach, you wanted to help them have access to the support, encouragement, resources and knowledge to lead happy fulfilling lives. However, at some point, you may have challenges of getting in front of those 55 million individuals or probably you wanted to increase the number of individuals you wanted to help with. If this is you, I want to help you be in front of these individuals. I want to help you become visible in search engines, so when these individuals are looking for autism and special needs life coach, they can easily find you. Want to know how you can become more visible in search engines? Be Visible. Drive More Targeted Traffic. Generate More Leads. Improve Sales

2 SEO Expert in Philippines Marc D

2. Marco D

Helping eCommerce Brands Convert Their Prospects to Customers through Email Copy Create sustainable income for your E-commerce business through Email Marketing! Some facts about email marketing: 1) Over 60% of consumers prefer brands to contact them through email. Around 30% of Gen X and 39% of millennials check their emails first thing in the morning. 2) Cost-effective. You won’t have to constantly spend thousands on ads just to attract customers. 3) Cultivate loyal customers by providing value, and keep them engaged every time of the year. 4) You have ownership of your media and contact list. You can run unlimited promotions and get your voice heard without having to worry about the restrictions and algorithms of tech giants. Let’s hop on a 30-minute call to find out if we’re the right fit and whether I can help your business. I’ll throw in a free audit of your homepage lead magnet and email marketing while we’re at it. investment. How do I work? Firstly, we’ll have a meeting to discuss your marketing needs. After that, I will analyze your website and digital marketing accounts to find what has to be implemented to grow and boost your business. Then, I will send you a strategic plan that will allow us to run your project. Do you want to know more about me, my experience, and my educational background? Let’s talk!

3. Dave A

Are you tired of the tedium of managing emails, organizing your schedules, and handling other administrative tasks? Would you like to spend more of your valuable time and energy bettering your business? If so, allow me to assist you! Hello, my name is Dave and I am here to tackle those tedious tasks. Being an experienced Virtual Assistant, I have fulfilled administrative roles such as:  Web research Data entry jobs  CRM management  Customer service  Email management  Appointment and Calendar settings  Personal administrative tasks I have also knowledge in:  Social media management and marketing Website management (WordPress)  Lead Generation  SEO I am positive-minded and have the right attitude to learn new things fast. I always ask questions if I’m not sure. I work as efficiently as possible and achieve the best in whatever I do. Teamwork is my best attribute. China, and now New Zealand. I love learning new languages, I am bilingual (Swedish/English), and I speak basic Italian. French I’ve unfortunately lost, but I still understand it pretty well!

4 SEO Expert in Philippines Larissa D

4. Larissa D

I have more than six years of experience as a freelance writer, four of which are spent writing blockchain and crypto-related articles. My experience in the blockchain space extends to content writing, content management, social media management, event management, marketing, press releases, and partnership outreach. To highlight, I’ve worked at a blockchain VC firm based in Singapore and worked on everything related to marketing–writing and publishing press releases, coordinating with global events organizers where the founders can speak, events management, social media management, writing blogs, and thought-leadership articles, and coordinating with portfolio companies regarding milestone and partnership announcements. and more – Recording Unique Voice Over Ads, narrations, commercials, E-books and much more. – Consulting on brand success and growth through media plans and strategies. If you desire to maintain a positive “stay on brand” tone in your communication to the public, send me a note with a bit about you / your company and your project. Then, let’s talk about your objectives and plan your brand success!

5 SEO Expert in Philippines Leoby M

5. Leoby M

I specialize in streamlining business operations for small and large companies. I have experience in several roles with my primary focus being project management and client relationship management.  Experienced Operation Manager / Project manager offering 12 years of success leading all phases of diverse technology projects and web implementation launches. Demonstrated track record of successfully managing small to large projects from start to finish. Detail-oriented who skillfully applies knowledge of business processes in an effort to produce time-saving and money-saving results. Adept at using G-Suite, & MS Office applications to manage data. Especially proficient in maintaining the integrity of a wide scope of projects.  Exceptional focus, follow-through, and coordination skills, proven ability to develop and manage project schedules, and known for working well with the cross-functional team to achieve on-time project completion. ► Experience in managing diverse projects such as web development, digital marketing, search engine optimization, e-commerce store, sales funnel, real estate, telecom, hosting, affiliate marketing, and support both small to medium business, and corporate.  Excellent communicator; leverage technical, business, and financial acumen to communicate effectively with client executives and their respective teams.