5 Top SEO Experts in Nigeria

1 SEO Expert in Nigeria Ehis O

1. Ehis O

I first got introduced to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in 2016. Being a born non-conformist, my interest was piqued almost immediately by the idea of money that did not conform to traditional standards of currency. Needless to say, I completely immersed myself in the world of cryptocurrencies from that day, and the rest is history. I studied the cryptocurrency market for a few years, trading in bits before I decided that it was about time I put all the knowledge I had gained about cryptocurrency to good use. So I took that knowledge, and combined it with what I know how to do best (writing) and began ghostwriting about cryptocurrency for local businesses. Now, I have decided to bring my craft to the world wide web. Here are the services that I offer in the blockchain/cryptocurrency writing industry: – Article writing – Copywriting – Investor presentations – Marketing campaign writing – Technical Writing (with a focus on SEO best practices) – Whitepaper writing (DeFi, ICO, STO Whitepapers, etc.)

2. Oluwatosin O

Have you ever thought about working with a writer that provides you with the value you want? A writer that delivers on time and delivers content that requires little or no revisions. Imagine a writer with whom you don’t have to worry about plagiarism. Someone who will help you out with your SEO articles and keywords would not stand out, but instead, they’d blend in seamlessly. What if I tell you that I am that writer? I would help you create high-quality content that meets your specifications and needs. Kindly send me a message and let us discuss ways by which I can help you.We’re talking #1 in GMB for a keyword with over 1000 searches per month. Don’t get me wrong; this never happened overnight. Your website will need to undergo changes and be optimized more than ever!I have been a writer of both fiction and non-fiction for my whole literate life. I have written stories, how to books, and research works in higher education. In addition to this experience I write regularly for websites in the travel sector. When not writing SEO optimized factual and opinion pieces, 

3 SEO Expert in Nigeria Chelsea O

3. Chelsea O

“I hired Chelsea Okonkwo to help with creating content for a rebranding exercise within my company. She is Reliable, Cerebral, and Highly Recommended” – Daniel Momoh. My goal is simple, To: – Inform/Educate – Engage and – Persuade your readers. Over the years, I have developed excellent research skills, so I love to write highly informative articles and in the most conversational tone possible. I perform exceptionally well with: – Self-help articles/books – Long-form blog posts – Buyers guides or product reviews – Motivational scripts – Guided Meditation scripts/books – Skincare/beauty articles – Cookbooks/Nutrition guides – Specialty diet articles/books – Food blogging – Mental health/addiction articles – Personal Finance articles/books – Travel guides – Article re-writing, etc. With over 5 years of experience in the writing industry, I have worked with many brands and companies, written well-researched articles and books in several niches, and helped several businesses market their contents through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).You have the perfect ideas penciled down, great story line and excellent delivery but you can lose your readers if you have a very clumsy presentation. Errors, misplaced punctuation, improper indentation,

4 SEO Expert in Nigeria Samuel l

4. Samuel I

I am Google trained technical writer that has achieved noteworthy feats with numerous blockchain & fintech companies in the United States, United Kingdom and Ukraine. I am experienced with API documentation, keyword research and topic research and can create content under any niche. I also run my own website/blog on the side as a hobby. Irrespective of the type of project, i ensure that i put my best to get the most desirable result possible, I can quickly and efficiently meet your requests. Results Only Focus: Never sweat the small stuff and only focus on the big picture (what matters) to achieve maximum results. Specialties: Website copy, SEO copy and Information architecture which creates better user websites that convert (through enhanced user experience). Experience: Over 15 years’ copywriting/SEO experience helping countless Australian (and International) businesses grow exponentially with proven copy focused on results, growth and return on investment. Key Attribute: I’m a straight shooter so I will always tell you how it is (even if it causes a minor disagreement) because I’m as desperate for the results as you are. Big Believer in Best Practices: Be creative but it’s key to stick to best practices because success comes from following a ‘proven approach’ rather than reinventing the wheel.

5 SEO Expert in Nigeria Joshua A

5. Joshua A

I am a professional technical document and white paper writer specializing in blockchain technology and other technical documentation. I have over 5 years of experience writing professional white papers for various blockchain companies and ICO projects. I have written white papers for various companies including; – Thaler foundation – SafeSwiss -PGcoin -Haperlium -TrinusBit I have written for clients as big as FATECH technologies and even the blockchain news center, Cointelegraph. I have a bachelor’s Degree in Physics and a have built on my background knowledge on Technical structuring and applied it to blockchain technology and technical writing. I also have a certification in Information and Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). My vision and goal here with Upwork is to provide clients who need top-notch white papers for their companies, blockchain, ICO, IEO, and Cryptocurrency related projects, with the best whitepaper. curiosity/interest, and compel them to click to find out more. I make this happen by: a) Looking at things from their perspective and brainstorming what titles will stand out the most. b) Picking the best headlines out of these options for you. 2) I respond quickly and take my client seriously, as you will see from the positive reviews