5 Top SEO Experts in South Africa

1 SEO Expert in South Africa Renee Jo Anne K

1. Renee Jo-Anne K

I am a business ghost-writer and author content that never has my name on it. I am a skilled WordPress front end developer, content creator, SEO specialist, thorough researcher, and an ideas kind of person. You give me your draft, and I’ll show you my vision of what you’re trying to say. My articles include graphics, sources, SEO keywords, and grammar/spelling/readability checks by default. My business niche is course work, with a background in industrial psychology at Unisa, sales at The Sales Counsel, and NGO work in poverty, food insecurity and homelessness for various not-for-profit organisations and business units, most notable of which are the SA Reserve Bank SADC division, the European Union CWCI division, the Southern Africa Trust, and the Nicole Noordien Foundation, where I worked closely on funding proposals with Nicole Noordien de Klerk. As a niche VA specialising in course work and training manuals, I also: – assist with related admin tasks required for training events. – research behind the scenes and do the referencing and citations needed to lend credibility to their concepts and ideas. – ghost blog on their behalf – create course content for training material

2 SEO Expert in South Africa Michaela R

2. Michaela R

With over seven years of hands-on experience, I am an expert copywriter and am comfortable doing short and long-form content writing. I have a particular interest in SEO and can conduct keyword research and work keywords into blog posts or articles in relevant, meaningful ways. I have worked on copywriting projects for big brands such as City Lodge Hotel Group, Labello, Nivea, and Mr. Price Group, as well as with smaller businesses during my career thus far. Copywriting Projects: – Blog posts – Articles – Landing page copy – Website content – Social media content (posts) – Email marketing campaigns searches per month. Don’t get me wrong; this never happened overnight. Your website will need to undergo changes and be optimized more than ever!I have been a writer of both fiction and non-fiction for my whole literate life. I have written stories, how to books, and research works in higher education. In addition to this experience I write regularly for websites in the travel sector. When not writing SEO optimized factual and opinion pieces, 

3 SEO Expert in South Africa Michael H

3. Michael H

Here’s the bottom line: I’ll save you time by writing money-making copy. You’ve done the hard work to develop your business. Now it’s time for you to take a day off, and for me to write your copy. I’m an email copywriter. I also dabble in landing pages, website copy, blog posts, and product descriptions. I’ve written copy for tons of different things – DIY & outdoors, artists, a mattress-in-a-box company, legal cannabis, heck I even promoted shipping containers once. To be honest, the writing part is the fun part of writing your copy. But what makes it EFFECTIVE is what happens before I start writing. This involves a healthy amount of internet sleuthing to get into the minds of your ideal customers. I browse forums, reviews, blog posts, and social media comments to better understand your audience. When available, I even conduct in-depth interviews with willing customers. This helps me understand the problems your customers are facing. What language they’re using to talk about the problem and how your product or service is a solution to this problem. The second phase of my research revolves around your market and where your product/service fits into this market. How are you different to your competitors? How will you solve the problems that keep your customers up at night? Why should they trust you to solve their problem? This is my not-so-secret method of justifying the price tag you’ve put on your product/service.

4 SEO Expert in South Africa Dev M

4. Dev M

I am a wielder of words, a painter of pictures, and a guide to multitudes of worlds, fictional and otherwise. My past lives include: – Assistant research manager leading a team of 15+ research analysts (World-Check) – Skilled research analyst and subject matter expert with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa risk content (World-Check) – Mentor, coach, and teacher with a proven track record and 10+ years of experience (various industries) These experiences helped shape my content creation skill set: Blog Articles Social Media Posts Webpage Copy Brand Copy Product Descriptions User Manuals About Us Pages Email Campaigns Squeeze Pages Sales Pages Brochures Specialized Skills: SEO Writing Competitor Research Topic Research Interviewing Content Subjects My current existence involves a lot of music, plants, cats, and canvasses. All these things and many more stoke my inspiration and fill the well from which my imaginings flow. Some of my niche areas of interest include : Agriculture and Nature Arts, Media, and Entertainment Culinary/Restaurants Digital Marketing Health Hospitality and Travel Personal Products and Services Technology and Innovation

5 SEO Expert in South Africa CJ M

5. CJ M

My clients get top-quality outcomes and fast turnarounds. If you want great copywriting and content that delivers results, I can help. As a university-educated, native English speaker, I create up-to-date, relevant, and well-researched material for English-speaking audiences around the globe.”Cari’s work was outstanding. I’m sure there are other copywriters available but I doubt many of them are as responsive and reliable…” You will get content that readers want to share on social media: “Cari has been writing for us for several years now and has been contributing up-to-date pieces that are continuously being shared on social media…” You will get a top-quality copy for B2B or B2C audiences in the US or UK. Hey CJ! That article was fantastic, I’m awed and excited to continue working together. I don’t need any edits on this …” I turn complex ideas and information into a clear, persuasive message tailored to your target audience. “CJ is a Godsend! She is very professional, highly knowledgeable in marketing, and an awesomely, gifted writer… CJ is a joy to work with and is very patient…” Maybe you have the text but it doesn’t sound exactly right. Expert proofreading and editing will turn so-so content into