10 Top SEO Consultants in Toronto

1. Athanasia N

1 SEO Consultants in Toronto Athanasia N. Looking for an engaging beauty and lifestyle writer?  Although primarily writing blog posts, also have experience with web copy, social media captions, promotional emails, and copy editing. she has even helped companies to plan and launch blogs that customers love launch analytics have been 2-4x higher than industry standards. Regardless of content type, here writing is always entertaining, SEO-optimized, and provides your customers with value—there’s no empty fluff here. Whether you’re looking for a couple of Instagram captions or are in need of a blog strategy overhaul, please feel free to reach out!

2. Mahnoor Aaiysha K

2 SEO Consultants in Toronto Mahnoor Aaiysha K.Dr. Mahnoor, is a medical content writer and editor. She graduated from medical school, with a distinction in Community Medicine, and worked as a full-time doctor for a year. has  had an interest in writing and editing for a long time now, and that is something wanted to do while staying relevant to my field of medicine. Thus, made the big switch! Since then have worked with multinational companies and start-ups. In this journey, have also mastered the art of microlearning and producing SEO-optimized content. have found my happy place in the world of medical writing, and now want to help YOU with that! Message me and let me create medical content for you that will be interactive, engaging, and will surely stand out in the digital world!

3. Ganiu A

3 SEO Consultants in Toronto Ganiu A.Ever imagined having a copy so powerfully crafted that it convinces people to buy something they never intended to buy? That’s what you need, and that’s where I come in!  an experienced freelance SEO content writer and website copywriter specializing in web copy, SEO articles, sales copy, email copy, blockchain/cryptocurrency articles, landing page content, Blog Writing, and SEO website content for B2B, B2C, SaaS, and FinTech startups. I take every project specially and give it the professional attention it deserves. So, if you are looking for a talented writer to create original, high-quality, SEO-optimized content for your website, one who delivers strategically sound conceptual content, you’re on the right profile.

4. Neil R

4 SEO Consulatns in Toronto Neil R.Want to join hundreds of business owners who are PROFITABLY growing their business? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re wasting a lot of money and time. Let’s change that ASAP. My clients currently get between 4-15x return on their ad spend and maybe you get similar results. Free Consultation: If you want a free consultation or account audit,   discuss your goals and challenges and get to know each other a little more! Keep in mind, that I can only accept one or two new clients per month. Summary of Credentials and Tools: -Certified Google Partner -Google Specialist Certifications in Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Video/YouTube Advertising, Mobile Advertising. -Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Hotjar -Competitive and Keyword Research: SEMrush, Ahrefs -Funnel Strategy, Lead/Sales Generation -Click Funnels, Convertri, Lead Pages, Unbounce -Startup MVP/POC Consultive Approaches

5. Abhishek S

5 SEO Consultants in Toronto Abhishek S. 6+ years of experience in delivering multi-channel, integrated marketing strategies which are focussed on quality content. The automated funnels and workflows that he build consistently exceed expectations of lead generation, lead nurturing, cross-sell or up-sell and increase customer retention as well The automation that  design is built on the Marketing Automation Principles laid down by Marketo, therefore relevancy and purpose of each automation are well established.  proficient in building customer lifecycle strategies, lead generation, marketing automation, account-based marketing, CRM implementation, clean-up, and automation. marketing and service hub and automating them on various tools like – Hubspot, Infusionsoft (Keep), Adobe Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, AutoPilot, Klaviyo, SugarCRM, AgileCRM, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, PipeDrive, and Mailchimp.  well versed with building

6. Iyiola S

6 SEO Consultants in Toronto Iyiola S.As a writer for seven publications on medium,  a track record of excellence in research, creative writing, keywords, and SEO. With strong attention to detail, a background in psychology, and a career in digital marketing, she can adapt to creative writing for different niches – ranging from digital marketing to productivity, health, lifestyle, and growth. Alongside communicating with you about what you need from your project,  add value to your work by doing the necessary research to deliver quality and engaging deliverables. Creating high-quality and original content can sometimes be tricky, even before starting. Why? It involves researching (like applying to college), Thinking (like going for a jog). It also has to do with transforming stale ideas into fresh, informative, and fruity engaging content (like going on a diet). All these are time-consuming, effort-intensive, and need top-level expertise.  bet there are other tasks you could channel your effort and time on. So for anything creative writing,  will be your backbone.

7. Joy O

7 SEO Consultants in Toronto Joy O.here the goal is always to return a well-written document free of errors.  edited several full-length books, countless graduate application essays, cover letters, resumes, websites, and much more. Whether you prefer a more professional tone or a more conversational approach, will match your voice on any project and make your piece sound polished, engaging, and grammatically perfect. Time is a precious commodity and never waste yours. For every project, hold deadlines very dear. Timely, efficient, and considerate communication with my clients is crucial to ensuring that projects are completed on time and the standard. Contact me to help make your writing the best it can be. Your letter/paper/essay/book is too important to leave in the hands of just anybody. It would be best if you had a professional who lives and breathes English to help you. Someone with the proper academic and professional background in English and writing. Someone who knows what they’re doing when reviewing your writing. Someone like me!

8. Victor A

8 SEO Consultants in Toronto Victor A.As an excellence-driven writer, deliver top-notch articles and blog posts across various niches, including personal finance, technology, business, health, real estate, and many others. With over four years of experience in SEO-optimized content writing, you can trust me for content that helps your website/blog gain the visibility and traffic you need; and is engaging enough to convert your visitors to customers. Not only are my articles very engaging, they are also original, 100% plagiarism-free, and fully SEO-optimized. You can trust me for a satisfactory delivery, and beat deadlines well too.

9. Abraham A

9 SEO Consultants in Toronto Abraham A.Translating your ideas to others is the goal of writing. Business copies that SELL. SEO content writing that contains quality keywords to rank high on Google. Landing & About Us pages that attracts the right prospects. It’s all WRITING! he is a professional SEO article writer committed to providing high-quality, unique, and well-researched articles/blogs.  do not copy other people’s articles. Rather,   take time to do proper SEO content research. Some of the different niches he has worked on include technology, sales & marketing, health, automobiles, software, gaming, etc.

10. Jubril L

10 SEO Consultants in Toronto Jubril L.All deliverables will be turned in on time – if not early! Lastly, tend to prefer clients that have a sense of humor and provide a safe, healthy work relationship. Feel free to reach out to me for any projects and respond in minutes. My educational background is in English, marketing, and psychology. love learning about new topics and new facets of subjects already covered.  write creatively and expressively, choosing words carefully for maximum clarity, effectiveness, and readability. Thus, using my strategic mind and education in psychology can help you create content to increase your website and company’s visibility.  written over 300 short-form content for blogs, articles, and press releases. As a brand strategist, I perform various tasks, such as developing powerhouse brand identities and go-to-market strategies to integrating marketing initiatives for leading companies/brands. Other services include copywriting, digital content creation, social media outreach, email marketing, direct response, and more.