10 Top SEO Experts in Chicago

1. Jasmin

1 SEO Expert in Chicago Jasmin a marketing professional with substantial experience in marketing strategy and lead generation for global companies. After working with enterprise-size clients and tech companies around the world, now focused on supporting clients in manufacturing and production and tech start-ups. Given my personal interest in active transportation,  also eager to support companies and organizations in the outdoors and bike/cycling industry. Clients include REI, CyclingTips, and numerous bike brands, among others. My services focus on content and strategy advice on branding and marketing strategy, from setting up brand books and identity guidelines to marketing audits and growth strategy (demand generation, lead gen) I create compelling content (think landing pages, blogs, annual reports, studies, lead magnets such as white papers, etc), PPC ad copy, paid/organic social media posts (LinkedIn campaign manager), and more.

2. Kai 

2 SEO Expert in Chicago KaiSpecialty: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), especially technical audits of e-commerce sites, both in English or German. Experience with a large variety of sites and industries, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, B2B and B2C. (Please take a look at my Employment History below.) If your site is not ranking well, I’ll tell you exactly why that is and how to fix it. I don’t perform miracles, but I can quickly put your site on a solid organic search foundation. I can also teach you how to do some of the SEO work yourself and how to apply best practices going forward. I’ve taught corporate SEO workshops and trained many people new to SEO.

3. Nate 

3 SEO Expert Nate What makes the difference for quality SEO work? An expert technical diagnosis of your site’s specific needs to improve Google indexing; WordPress, Shopify and more platform implementation expertise; an ability to create great content that encourages website clicks, links & engagement; a big-picture strategic understanding of what it actually takes to move the needle in 2022 (e.g., backlinks, Schema markup, mobile usability, site speed)… it’s all of the above. There’s not one single SEO tactic that works above all else; Google’s algorithm is more complex than that. See my website PathDigitalServices.com for more on how I work as an SEO consultant, as well as client testimonials. There IS a right way to do SEO. Promising a Google ranking upfront is not it. I can work within just about any budget, and provide a free scope of work estimate, so message me here on Upwork today! WordPress, Squarespace, and e-commerce platforms including Shopify & BigCommerce are my areas of specialty, but this process is proven to work across any platform and site situation. (Please, whether or not you choose my services, don’t trust candidates for your project who aren’t 100% transparent about their process/past client feedback. Poor quality work or questionable SEO tactics can have long-term consequences.)

4. Ben

SEO Writing  Marketing Ben My current work focuses primarily on SEO writing. This has included work in law, real estate, insurance, technology, health & fitness, and with a variety of other small businesses. Since I started freelancing, I have also gained experience with the following: – Email marketing – Digital advertising (FB & Google) – Alexa skills development – iOS development As cliche as it sounds, the best part about freelancing has been the ability to meet and work with people from all over the world. I look forward to working with you!

5. Natalie

Expert Writer Natalie skilled at incorporating keywords according to the latest SEO research in a way that is not forced but drives readers to your site. Although I can research and create content about any topic, topics that I am particularly well-versed in include: -Healthcare -Self-Care and Wellness -Product Marketing -Lifestyle -Travel -Community Enagement -Employee Engagement -Business Leadership I also proofread and edit other content to ensure accuracy, fluidity, and high levels of engagement. I promise to: -Create accessible and engaging content -Conduct credible and thorough background research -Conduct high-quality interviews, as necessary -Utilize SEO optimizations to increase traffic to client and company websites -Generate engaging content ideas aligned with content strategies -Proofread, edit, and source check other writing

6. Rachel

Content Creator Rachel a writer with extensive experience creating content and writing proposals and grants for non-profit organizations. If you are looking for a persuasive, impactful writer- I can help!

7. Cristina 

 Ghostwriter Cristina Want to tell your story in a way that is engaging, informative, and connects with customers? I am a freelance writer specializing in tech and personal development content. I have a degree in Nonfiction Writing and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago, so I am well-versed in a variety of writing styles and techniques, as well as the process of collaborating with others to create a finished piece of work. I also have experience in coding and am pursuing a certificate program in Full Stack Development. I have worked for a variety of clients including software and cybersecurity companies, personal development blogs, and educational organizations. Let’s connect and share your story with the world.

8. Temmo

SEO Expert in Chicago Temmo My mission is to make Google work for your business. Growing traffic to your website, increasing leads and your client base are at the very heart of my job so you can focus on yours: – Make your website show up on Google where it counts – Keyword research that creates new opportunities – SEO (on and off-page) that leverages the most recent algorithm updates – Google Ad campaigns that convert prospects into clients – Clear and focussed reporting that provides the information you need Please feel free to reach out for a complimentary consultation on your next project.

9. Ketty

PPC Expert in Chicago Kettyforemost a paid search aficionado with experience in managing multi-million dollar PPC campaigns for CPG, B2B, Tourism, Software, Home Improvement, and Auto. I’m also an all-around digital marketer with experience in Amazon Seller Marketplace, street team management of over 250+ campuses nationwide, content writing for: email marketing, eBooks, blogs, ad copy, and press releases. I also have experience in social media marketing, event planning, SEO, SEM, and website optimization. Certified in Google Ads: Search, Display, Mobile, Video, and Shopping; Twitter Flight School certified, Facebook Blueprint certified, and Bing Ads certified.

10. Kayla

10 SEO Expert in Chicago Kaylabackground is in marketing strategy, campaign planning, and digital, and I’ve been able to learn under some of the world’s leading marketers in this space at multiple Fortune 500s. My ultimate goal is to make your marketing budget work better for you through strategy and optimization, whether it be your email campaigns, your Facebook ads, your landing pages, or your social media strategy. In an ideal plan, all of these elements are connected and working with one another to drive your customers through the sales funnel. I value brand and aesthetic, but ultimately I’m a performance-based marketer, and like to always ask “why”. I want to make sure that creative decisions are backed by data and insight.