10 Top SEO Experts in Los Angeles

1. Trevor

1 SEO Expert in Los Angeles TrevorI’ve written on a variety of topics from space to business, and am capable of tackling any topic thrown my way. If you’re interested in my services, don’t hesitate to reach out and message me today! I’m more than willing to talk about any project and discuss your vision with you. Thank you for taking the time to read.

2. Dylan

2 SEO Expert in Los Angeles DylanFounder and Lead Designer & Developer at Undefined Agency – based in Los Angeles, California Undefined Agency is a boutique design, development, and experience agency. We serve highly ambitious brands that want to elevate their visual content, branding, and online experience. We are Shopify Partners and WordPress experts with a focus on design and branding. My team specializes in unique modern emerging development and custom graphic design. Our success comes from working with tech startups, e-commerce, restaurants, and fashion. We help brands that are looking to differentiate their online presence. From complete new site builds to quick updates or fixes, we are ADA compliant and design with modern responsive(mobile, tablet, desktop) technologies.

3. Luis

3 SEO Expert in Los Angeles Luisdesign. My expertise in the field of environmental studies comes from my education at UCSB, which I graduated from with a B.A. in Environmental studies. I am a self-taught web developer/designer with 3+ years of experience. I learned the processes, concepts, and theories of UX/UI and web development through attending workshops, online classes, reading blogs, and applying these to projects in my spare time and at work. I am very much a big-picture thinker and enjoy working on projects from ideation to development. I have worked on complex projects that include developing and designing websites, video games, web applications, HTML emails, android apps, and restoration projects. I’m passionate about social justice, fighting for equality, and changing the narrative society places on people of color through my designs.

4. Cleopatra

4 SEO Expert in Los Angeles Cleopatraspecialize in helping companies re-brand the writing on their websites to be accessible, contemporary and more connected to their target audience. Able to adapt to many topics, my previous work ranges from blogging about beautiful weddings, to copywriting websites about nutrition. I help businesses develop their landing pages to be optimally targeted, and SEO-friendly. I know it can be difficult to find great, reliable freelance work, which is why I will always be upfront through my communication with you on the needs of any given project. All my writing is tailored to the needs of my clients, and every word is written in a voice that matches the company that represents it. I am happy to match your needs, all while using my expertise to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

5. Lelia

5 SEO Expert in Los Angeles Lelaiproduce and edit films and videos, build websites, and coordinate events. These events have included fashion shows, concerts, brunches, retreats, and other types of events that allow creatives and entrepreneurs to network or showcase their talent. I also have worked with many clients on marketing events for tech and professional networking companies. I am an expert in Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and Go Daddy. I have built online stores, blogs, business websites, event ticketing sites, and more. For my work through LoveLee Productions, I received The Purple Heart Award for American Business Ownership from the National Society of American Business Owners. In addition, I have

6. Jack

6 SEO Expert in Los Angeles Jackan experienced copywriter with a specialty in creative and design-based industries. Having worked for several years as Director of Communications for one of Los Angeles’ most prominent art galleries, I understand how to create copy for creators, using writing to highlight and champion their visionary projects. I have significant experience writing for social media, preparing press releases and newsletters, writing taglines, and creating copy for product packaging and brand websites, always with SEO in mind. While many of my projects have been focused in the world of art and design, I have experience across industries, including nonprofits, home goods, and wellness companies. I am proud to foster long-lasting and highly collaborative relationships with my clients.

7. Greg

7 SEO Expert in Los Angeles Gregam a creative, analytical, and driven iGaming consultant, specializing in affiliate marketing, B2B development, SEO services, and negotiation tactics. I have successfully helped over 500+ iGaming businesses build their brand through my expertise over the course of 11 years. I am a well-rounded professional with extensive knowledge in the industry. With me by your side, you’ll learn new strategies and tips related to building a successful affiliate website or increasing affiliate conversion rates on your program.

8. Monique

8 SEO Expert in Los Angeles MoniqueThat’s where she comes in.  specialize in proofreading course content for course creators itching to look more professional. Having created my own online course and proofread for companies like Anthem and Adobe, I will strive to catch all punctuation and grammar errors in your course, while making recommendations for clarity so your students aren’t confused. During our time together,  Carefully review every section of your course for grammar/punctuation errors – Make sure all lesson and module titles are capitalized consistently – Let you know if any areas of your course don’t work (broken links, videos, or audio) – Give honest feedback on how course content can be improved (and recommendations for doing so) I am well-versed in platforms like Thinkific and Teachable, as well as Adobe Acrobat for proofreading, and course creator tools like PowerPoint, Canva, Google Slides, Loom, Trello, Adobe Premiere, Audacity, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

9. Nima 

9 SEO Expert in Los Angeles NimaHello! live and grew up in Los Angeles, and have freelanced full-time for 10 years. I like taking complex problems and breaking them into smaller ones. My goal is not only to be efficient but also to bring significant value to your website and web presence. – Strong understanding of websites, hosting, and web technologies – Expert in performance optimization and core vitals (CLS, LCP, FCP) – Successful history of Ecommerce CRO and UX improvements – Full knowledge of webpage structure & semantics, for SEO and Accessibility – Helping businesses save time and money on future edits, with better content management 10 years of freelance WordPress experience: Custom themes, PHP templates, creating plugins, custom back-end options, debugging, high-performance hosting, Themes from ThemeForest.

10. Lee

10 SEO Expert in Los Angeles Leetheater director with a passion for language and an obsessive eye for detail. Whether I am in the rehearsal room hashing through Shakespeare with actors, in a coffee shop helping a playwright crack their next scene, or mercilessly ridding a manuscript of grammar errors, I am happiest when I am working with words. I have a BA in History from Carleton College and an MFA in Theater Directing from Northwestern University. Since 2020, I have worked at an employment law firm, using my writing skills to fight for employee rights in Texas and across the country. I am skilled at synthesizing complex ideas into clear and concise language.